Tadaga Review

Tadaga Review: Drug with an Unknown Reputation—Try Looking for Other Generic Cialis Alternatives

Brand: Tadaga

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Dharam Distributors 

Country of Manufacture: India

Tadaga Package Image

Review and Description

Tadaga contains Tadalafil, an active ingredient considered effective in treating impotence in the male population. Tadalafil is one of the PDE5 inhibitor drugs in the market and is commonly known by its trade name Cialis. The Tadalafil active ingredient in Tadaga is renowned for its 36-hour effect in the patients. Tadaga is one of the generic options the patients have for impotence treatment. It is the product of an India-based manufacturer, Dharam Distributors, one of the small manufacturing companies in the country.

Tadalafil is famous for its long-term effect in the patients, but Cialis, the brand name treatment containing the active ingredient, is often too expensive to afford. Generic products like Tadaga provide a cheaper option for patients since they basically contain the same active content and can be expected to produce the same results. Tadalafil contained in Tadaga helps the patients have a more efficient erectile response by improving the blood flow towards the penis tissues so an erection can be furthered in patients with difficulty conjuring up erections even in the presence of sexual stimuli.

The company Dharam Distributors stationed in Gujarat, India, is a 2005-founded enterprise concerned about manufacturing, exporting, and trading generic medications for various therapeutic segments. Dharam produces medicines for erectile dysfunction, depression, hair loss, fungal infections, acne treatment, amongst others. Sadly, there are no published quality certifications and accreditations for this company, which makes its products with unknown quality. Yes, its local products may be at least approved by the Indian equivalent of the FDA, but we can’t tell if the company is at least with an ISO or WHO approval.

Customer Reviews

We tried looking for reviews for this Tadaga drug from Dharam, but we ended up empty-handed. The drug does not have mentions from consumers who supposedly were able to try the drug for their impotence treatment. Yes, we can think that Tadaga is effective for augmenting the erectile response in patients, but we can’t know if the drug is effective due to its lack of reviews. Besides, this drug still has a questionable integrity due to its manufacturer’s lacking credentials.

Pricing and Dosage

The drug Tadaga is available in 10 mg, 20 mg, and 40 mg tablet forms and is also available in an oral jelly formulation. Tadaga is a prescription-only drug, which means that you need to get a legal Rx for this product before taking it, even if some web pharmacies sell this drug without asking for prescriptions.

Regarding dose, Tadaga is taken like other generic Tadalafil drugs—you can take Tadaga on-demand (10 mg to 20 mg) an hour before sexual activity and not more than once in a day. You can also split Tadaga tablets to get 2.5 mg to 5 mg and take the drug daily.

According to one India-based web supplier for Tadaga, the drug may be bought at $0.90 per tablet, which is an average price for any generic impotence product. This drug is still more affordable than the brand Cialis from Eli Lilly, albeit it is not available to ship outside India due to its present lack of international drug regulatory approvals.

How to Buy Tadaga Online

Tadaga is available online but only in stores catering to India-based consumers. Reliable sites like Pharmacy Mall and Canada Pharmacy 24h, though, have other effective (and cost-effective) generic Tadalafil treatments available, products which you can use in place of this elusive Tadaga drug.

How cheap is generic Cialis at these two shops? Let’s take a look:

  • Canada Pharmacy 24h: $0.76 per tablet (shipping $9.95)


  • Pharmacy Mall: $0.68 per tablet (shipping $9.95)


Compared to Tadaga’s price at one India drugstore, prices for generic Cialis on Pharmacy Mall and Canada Pharmacy 24h are still comparatively lower. Besides that, shipping is also cheap, which can help you maximize your savings.

How to Use

Tadaga tablets in the regular dosage should be taken only as needed. You may be prescribed anywhere from 10 mg to 20 mg for your impotence and you should take the tablets at least an hour before your planned sexual activity. The drug lasts for 24 to 36 hours so you should take the next dose in about one or two days after the first one to prevent side effects.

Since Tadalafil in Tadaga is known to have drug interactions, you should be able to identify your present medications to help your doctor establish the compatible medications you may take alongside Tadaga. Usually, medicines with a hypotensive effect, nitrates, and similar medicines are contraindicated with Tadalafil products like Tadaga. Also, you should not mix Tadaga with other impotence treatments (other generic and brand Viagra, Cialis, Levitra products), pharmaceutical grade or not.

If you have other medical conditions that may affect Tadaga’s effect in your body, inform your doctor. You may be prohibited to take Tadaga for your medical condition.

Side Effects

Major side effects associated with the use of Tadalafil drugs in patients include heart irregularities like arrhythmia, chest pain, heart attack symptoms, plus other symptoms like loss of vision, ear pounding, tinnitus, seizures, amongst others. If you notice these events, seek immediate medical help.

As for the more common and more tolerable side effects, you may experience dyspepsia, headaches, back pain, flushing, runny nose, and nausea when using Tadalafil products like Tadaga. However, not all patients exhibit these side effects and they only affect less than 10% of the patients taking Tadalafil drugs, according to several clinical and post-marketing studies done for the product.

Conclusion with Rating

Tadaga is one of the many generic alternatives for the drug Cialis available on the market. This particular product is from a local Indian manufacturer, Dharam Distributors, a company with unknown international certifications. The drug has the same Tadalafil content found in Cialis, but the drug does not have reviews from consumers to attest to its effectiveness when it comes to impotence treatment.

Because the drug does not have reviews and its manufacturer has nothing much under its belt, the drug may only be given a meager score of 2 out of 5.