Sildenafil Orifarm Review

Sildenafil Orifarm Review: Unknown Drug from European Manufacturer

Brand: Sildenafil Orifarm

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Orifarm Generics

Country of Manufacture: Denmark

Sildenafil Orifarm Tablets Image

Review and Description

Sildenafil Orifarm is a drug produced by the Danish manufacturer, Orifarm Generics. It is a generic drug that contains sildenafil, a drug used in the brand Viagra. Sildenafil is an ingredient that belongs to the phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors and is used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension in both men and women.

Impotence is a condition where a man is unable to maintain an erection. Usually, when a penis is stimulated, blood rushes to the area creating an erection. Sildenafil works but relaxing blood vessels so that blood flow to the area is increased.

The manufacturer of the drug, Orifarm Generics of Denmark aims to give its customers “high-quality pharmaceuticals at competitive prices.” The manufacturer is relatively young with less than 25 years’ experience in the business. However, their operations are progressive and they operate in two areas; generics and imported pharmaceuticals. Their main market is Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Austria. They manufacture a variety of generics and their products include allergy, mavesyre, and lokalbedovende.

Customer Reviews

There were no reviews for Sildenafil Orifarm; positive or otherwise. This could be because the product is not distributed out of the European area. Also, it could mean that Europeans don’t have a culture of commenting as much as the people of the Americas. It probably isn’t a very popular product as the generic market is saturated and persons possibly have a preference for buying generics from more established generic manufactures.

Orifarm Generics is quite young in the industry, compared to its competitors that have over a century in the business. They have an internet presence but there were no reviews to be found for them. On their website though, interestingly enough you can find contact numbers mobile and landline for key persons in the company.

Pricing and Dosage

If you were to purchase Sildenafil Orifarm 100mg film-coated tablets, they would cost you €3.40 a pill. This is the equivalent of $4.USD

Sildenafil Orifarm is an oral drug

Sildenafil Orifarm is an oral drug. 50mg should be taken an hour before sex. The dose can be adjusted depending on the response but you should not exceed 100mg in a 24-hour period.

How to Buy Sildenafil Orifarm Online

Sildenafil Orifarm seems only available for purchase on the European markets. However, there are several alternative drugs that contain sildenafil and work in a similar manner to Viagra. One such drug is Fildena. It costs less than $2.00 per pill and comes in dosages of 25, 50, 100 and 150mg. Although it comes with a dose strength of 150mg, it is important to remember that you should never exceed 100mg in a 24-hour period. You can purchase the drug at any of the pharmacies listed below.

How to Use

Your doctor should provide you with information on how to use the drug. If you forget your doctor’s instructions, read the label in the packet. Persons older than 65 years should take an initial dosage of 25mg. The recommended dose is 50mg for persons with normal body functions.

Taking drugs such as antibiotics, antifungals, hypertension, HIV and blood pressure medication can interact negatively with Sildenafil Orifarm. Persons who have had a heart attack or stroke, suffer from liver and kidney disease should talk to their doctor before attempting to use this product. If you have had an allergic reaction to Sildenafil before, then Sildenafil Orifarm is not for you and you should consider an erectile dysfunction drug with another ingredient.

Side Effects

If you experience allergic reactions immediately after taking the drug, you should seek medical assistance immediately. The most common side effects are headaches and nausea. However more uncommon side effects include chest and stomach pain, increased urination, painful bladder, urination and cramps. Rare side effects include bone pain, confusion, cold sweats, impairment of vision and hearing as well as seizures. The list can also be further exhausted and you should contact your doctor especially if you experience a painful erection that lasts more than 4 hours.

Conclusion with Rating

Sildenafil Orifarm is the name given to the Sildenafil formula manufactured and produced by Orifarm Generics. The drug is the generic of the erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra. The drug lacks reviews and that could be for a number of reasons. However, the lack of reviews does not make the quality any less than that of Viagra. It just means that no one has probably tried the drug before or persons trying the drug just chose not to review it.

Orifarm Generics is located in Denmark and sell their products in a select few European countries. They are young but their vision is good. They are yet to have social media pages and this was disappointing since their website was inviting and intuitive. You would think that a company with such a website would emphasize social media marketing.

To give this product anything less than a 3-star rating would be unfair. The drug is not popular out of Europe, yet it contains the same formula that is found in Viagra. For it to be distributed on the continent, its manufactures would have had to pass quality tests and meet requirements set out by health ministries and possibly the Food and Drug Administration. Sildenafil Orifarm is a prescription drug and you should not take any drug containing Sildenafil without first speaking to your doctor.