How To Avoid Panic And Anxiety While Sleeping

Panic and anxiety attacks affect millions of people every day worldwide. With the increases in pressures and stress in everyday life, more and more people are being subject to panic and anxiety disorders within their daily lives.

Panic and anxiety alone is a terrifying experience for many, and one all of us want to avoid, but panic attacks while sleeping take this too a whole new level.

One thing you must be aware of if you are experiencing panic attacks while sleeping is that they can be quite common. At night stress levels can be at their highest after a hard day, and these stress levels can quite easily turn into a full blown panic attack while sleeping.

So, if you are suffering from panic attacks in your sleep, what can you do to try and avoid them?

1. Firstly, working out the root cause of your panic attacks is the first step to finding out what is actually causing them to happen while you sleep. Is it a recurring dream, or high stress levels throughout the day? Are you experiencing them regularly?

Working this out, can help you to find ways of preventing your panic disorder arising while you sleep!

2.       Secondly, avoid alcohol and caffeine before bed!

Caffeine and alcohol are known to contain substances to heighten your chances of experiencing a panic or anxiety attack. If your stress and anxiety levels are high when you go to bed, and you supplement that with excess alcohol, it increases the chances of a panic attack whilst you sleep. So, alcohol and caffeine before bed is to be avoided where possible.

3.       Calming yourself down before you go to bed is the third tip!

As mentioned previously, many of us frequently go to bed with lots on our minds and stress at higher levels within our body. This could be due to work commitments, something that happened in the day, or many other reasons.

Calming your mind and yourself down before getting into bed can be a great way of preventing panic attacks while sleeping.

Meditation and Yoga are great ways to do this, and breathing exercises to calm yourself and clear your thoughts can be a great way to start a bedtime routine.

Panic attacks while sleeping are horrible situations and if you are currently suffering from a panic disorder, it is wise to look at treating your panic attacks and anxiety as quickly as possible.